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This is us!

We aim to bring glory to God by:


making Jesus Christ known to all people


helping those who trust in Him to grow in Him, and


encouraging people to serve Christ in ministry.

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How do I

New to this? Perhaps you're not sure how to go about 'coming to church' - don't worry, it's OK just to visit, and here are some hints...

What's the best service to come to?

If you're coming with children come to the 10.30am service, which is our 'main' service. It lasts for 60-75 minutes, and during it we have the Sunday Club for children.
If you want something a bit quieter, try the 9am service.
We have the same sermon at both the morning services.
On the 4th Sunday in the month, in the morning, we usually have only the 10.30 service, and it's "all-age" so that we all stay together. It lasts at most 60 minutes.

What should I wear?

Whatever you're comfortable in. People wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to jacket and tie.

Can I park?

Yes - there's a church car park with lots of space. If it is full, you can park outside the Vicarage - go another 100 yards down the road towards Radlett, and turn left up through the trees. There's a white sign saying 'Vicarage'. If you're not sure where the church is, there are maps here.

What time should I arrive?

At least a third of the congregation seem to arrive in the three minutes after the official start time... Why not get here earlier and nick their seats? 5 to 10 minutes early is a good idea. Then you can get settled.

Oh - how do I make sure I'm not in someone's seat?

There's no such thing, really, even though people tend to sit in roughly the same place every week! If a seat is empty, with no 'reserved' sign on it (and it's not up on the stagey bit!) - you can sit there. We're always happy to see visitors, and it does us good to get a different view from time to time.

How do I get into the church?

There are two entrances: at the front near the main road, and through the Parish Centre behind the church. The front entrance has steps, but there is a wheelchair / buggy slope up to the Parish Centre entrance. The Parish Centre entrance has a second child-proof handle, and you may need to get help with this.

What books do I need, and where do I get them?

All the words you need for the service are on a printed service sheet, available from both entrances to the church. There is a large print version available - just ask if you'd like one. There are Bibles in the backs of the chairs so you can follow the readings. We also have large print Bibles - please ask.

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Children are very welcome - at any age, bring them along with you.

What if my child makes a noise?

Your child probably will make a noise, and that's fine - we'd rather have the noise and your lovely child and you than boring peace and quiet! There's always a healthy burble of children at our 10:30am services. We're happy for you to get up and move around if it helps you to comfort your child - there's a carpeted area at the back if it helps. There's also a creche in the next-door room with creche helpers if you'd like to try leaving your child there. We have Sunday Club for the 3s-year 6s...

When do the children go to the Sunday Club?

In the early part of the service we have a children's song and a short message for the children, after this the service leader will announce that it's time for the children to go to their groups (for 3-14s). Your children can either go on their own with all the others, or you're welcome to take them to the groups, and stay for a minute while they settle in. We've got a creche area, with helpers, for under 3s. You can either leave your child there, or stay with them. The service is audible through speakers in the creche room.
At the end of the service you should collect your child from the Parish Centre.

How do I know when to stand or sit?

The person leading the service will make that clear. We usually stand for songs and hymns (it's easier to sing that way), and for a couple of other bits. Just look around and see what other people are doing if you're not sure.

Do you have toilets?

Yes - in the lobby between the church building and the Parish Centre, including facilities for disabled people.

What happens after the service?

At the end of the service the leader says a brief closing prayer, and then walks down the aisle to the back of the church. The music group will sing for a short while, but you're welcome to get up during this. People will tend to chat for a few minutes in the church building, then many will drift through to the Parish Centre (where there are refreshments) for more chat. We'd love to meet you - so please come through and join in.

Any other questions? Just ask...

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