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Midweek Groups for Bible Study & Growth

To help each other KNOW, GROW and SERVE together, we find we need more than just the Sunday meetings.

Growth Groups

That's why we have Growth Groups.
Each 'homegroup' is a group of 5-10 people meeting in someone's home to look at the Bible together, pray and encourage each other. From time to time all the groups get together for a short series of central meetings in the Parish Centre (that's the idea, anyway!)
There are evening and day groups - why not get in touch to find out more?

Men Behaving Godly

Our men's group - all men from the church are welcome. They meet on alternate Saturdays of each month, in the Parish Centre at 8:30-9:45am, for a simple breakfast and Bible Study. To find out more, just contact us.

Mums' Bible Study

For Mums with school-age or younger children - a chance to relax together and get God's perspective on things from the Bible. 10am, Fridays. For info about how to join - get in touch!

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