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Our online sermons - text and audio, just in case you missed them.
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The Bible is right at the heart of Holy Trinity Church - listen and see why!

New Songs

There are some tremendous new songs/hymns around with good biblical words, and singable tunes. We try to have a mix of old and new - with quality rather than era being the touchstone.

Sunday Meetings

You are warmly invited to join us on a Sunday morning.

10.30am, Main meeting

Children and adults of all ages are welcome at this service. Most Sundays we all stay together for the first twenty minutes or so, and then we split up so that we can learn in the most suitable way for our age... including Sunday Groups for the 3-14s, and a fun creche for the 0-3s. We all get together again for refreshments at the end.

There's a real mix of people at this meeting - singles, families (with one or both parents), older people, teenagers, younger children, and so on.

All-Age Service.

The fourth Sunday of the month* is an All-Age service: we stay together all the way through to learn, praise and pray in a lively, interactive way!

9.00am, Early service

This is a service in more traditional style, but with the same teaching content as the later service, and still with a friendly informal flavour. Every Sunday except the fourth in the month.

Not been to church for a while (or ever)?

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* 4th Sunday of the month: this is usually the All-Age service - but check the home page and programme card for more details.

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